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Presidential Inauguration Speeches

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Benefits of Service Learning




Many American presidents begin their administrations in times of crisis.  Their inaugural speeches usually reflect a call for civic responsibility and human sacrifice for a greater community or national good.  Use these speeches to support the North Carolina Standard Course of Study and as an avenue for students to reflect on the need for individual sacrifice for a greater cause.  The following essential questions may guide the thoughts of your students individually or collaboratively, within or independently, of the classroom. 


     Essential Questions:

  • In what ways does this president refer to a need for public and individual sacrifice?  Site specific examples within the text of the speech.

  • Why does this president feel the need to ask the public for sacrifice?
  • How effective is the president in invoking a spirit of sacrifice?  Explain your answer using the text of the speech.
  • Use the generated "wordle" to further interpret the language of the inaugration speeches.  Explain to students what a wordle is and how it is constructed.  Access the wordle site at http://www.wordle.net/ for further explanation.  What words are more prominent then others?  Why do you think so?  In your opinion, what words should have been more prominent?  Why?  Are there any words used in the speech that imply the need for service?  How prominent are these words?



                         Wordle     Wordle: Lincon's Second Inaugural


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