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Professional Development--Benefits

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 Training Modules



Module 1 Assignment:


1.  Resource Links


2.  Essential Question

     a.  Answer the essential question located in the Benifits module of the NC Service Learning site.  Use the following rubric to guide your answer:


Service Learning Rubric for a Reflective Journal Entry.doc 


      b. Use the link below to access the NC Service Learning Social Network.  Post your reflective journal entry for evaluation in the textbox feature of your personal page.  Feedback will be placed on your personal blog for input and direction.


  North Carolina Service Learning Social Network


3.  Primary Document Connection          

     a.  Use quotes as a means to teach and learn about the concept of service.  Locate the service quotes linked through this section of the Benefits module.  Determine how to assign a quote or quotes to an individual student or a group of students for reflection and classroom discussion.   Have students reflect on the concept of service using the three essential questions located above the list of quotes. 


     b. Locate the Presidential Inauguration speeches link of this section of the Benefits module. Choose a speech, or speeches, that you feel support your standard course of study.  Assign that speech or speeches, individually or in groups for reflection and classroom discussion.  Have students apply the following APPARTS worksheet and rubric to at least one of the speeches. 


     APPARTS Worksheet

     APPARTS Rubric 


Allow for class discussion after student completion of the rubric.  Use the first three essential questions on the Presidential Inauguration speeches page as guidelines for discussion.


     c.  An optional activity would be to have students analyze a presidential inauguration wordle.  Use the fourth bulleted question for direction in the classroom.


     d.  Post sample work in your textbox of the NC Service Learning Network.  Post at least three student samples of APPARTS worksheets. 


     e.  Music Connection

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